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10 Terrific Foods to Help Relieve Stress

In case you're feeling stressed, it's simply normal to look for help.
While incidental episodes of stress are hard to keep away from, ongoing pressure can negatively affect your physical and passionate wellbeing. Truth be told, it might build your danger of conditions like coronary illness and sorrow.
Strangely, certain food sources and drinks may have pressure calming characteristics.
Here are 18 stress soothing food sources and drinks to add to your eating regimen.

Posted On : 19-June-2021
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A Guide to Sleep Based on Your Ayurvedic Type

Ayurveda depicts sleep as a fundamental nature of life, crucial for every living being. We need it to restore and re-stimulate our body, psyche, and soul.
In Ayurveda, sleep is one of the three mainstays of good wellbeing, known as Nidra. Then, at that point, there's food (ahara) and sex (brahmacharya). 
The right equilibrium of these three components is needed for a healthy life. 

Posted On : 11-June-2021
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6 Nutrition Tips For Reducing Carbon Footprint

The climate crisis we’re living through today is global in scale and it needs a global solution. In order to critically reverse the warming trend that over two centuries of emitting greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere has caused, systemic changes within governments and industry must occur.

Posted On : 17-April-2021
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8 Herbs and Supplements to Help Fight Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with some or all of the following symptoms: a depressed mood, a loss of interest in things that once brought pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep patterns, changes in appetite, a lack of energy, and poor concentration. These symptoms lead to impairments in an individual’s ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities and can become chronic or recurrent.

Posted On : 09-April-2021
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7 Ways to Give your Mind a Deep Cleansing

Given the constant stream of negative news about the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel anxious and uncertain. Anxiety is understandable since it has turned our lives upside down and threatens our sense of safety.

It can be difficult to let go of these thoughts and feelings. But, we can also use anxiety to develop habits that protect our mental health. So the next time you notice anxious thoughts racing through your mind, try one of these activities to clear your mind.

Posted On : 02-April-2021
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The most common dental problems

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a lifelong commitment. The earlier you learn proper oral hygiene habits — such as brushing, flossing, and limiting your sugar intake — the easier it’ll be to avoid costly dental procedures and long-term health issues.

Dental issues are never any fun, but the good news is that most of them can easily be prevented. From tooth sensitivity to chipped teeth to bad breath, they are some of the most common dental problems that cause discomfort to a person and hinders its day to day functioning.

Posted On : 09-March-2021
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Food that makes your gut smile

If your gut is happy you are happy! 

Before we tell you which food makes your gut smile, here are some general guidelines to follow for a happy gut: As a thumb rule, do not eat when you are feeling angry, depressed, bored, or exhausted. Try and bathe before eating. Do not eat out much. Classical music in the background can help you with digestion. Sip warm water with meals. Eat a regular timing. Eat fresh and local food.

Posted On : 26-February-2021
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Good Digestion Leads to Good Skin

Let’s take a quick reality check! Do you see any signs of acne on your face? Are clouds of bad breath, heavily coated tongue, gas, cloudy urine, nausea, IBS, etc surrounding you? Well, if so then it’s time to get up and take action. Glowing beautiful skin can only be achieved if your body is beautiful from the inside.

Posted On : 18-February-2021
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Pillars of Mental Health

“Mental health”, a popular topic of discussion across various public and social media platforms. In the past few years, there has been an increased awareness about mental health, how to manage it, and various ways to cope with it. Just like physical health, there are various components of mental health that a person should be aware of, understanding these aspects and working on them on a daily basis is the key to attaining optimum mental health.

Posted On : 03-February-2021
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Is Honey Gluten-Free?

Honey is a sweet, syrupy liquid made by honeybees. Bees make honey by gathering nectar and pollen from flowers and plants. Nectar is a sweet liquid – rich in oils, salts, vitamins, and other nutrients – that is produced by a plant’s glands (i.e. stamen, petals, pistil). Pollen consists of numerous small pollen grains that bees collect from the stamen of flowers due to its rich protein content.

Posted On : 21-January-2021
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Garlic and its connection with Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition that is characterized by elevated blood pressure levels. This occurs when the force of blood against the artery walls is very fierce and forceful. High blood pressure could lead to a number of heart-related concerns - if necessary, measures are not taken, it could even lead to a stroke or an attack. Fortunately, with advancements in medical science, we have learned how to manage the symptoms and know exactly what it takes to bring the levels back in control.

Posted On : 15-January-2021
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6 High Protein Nuts to add to your Diet

Nuts are among the best sources of plant-based proteins. They are easily available, need no preparation, and are delicious. These qualities make them a good food choice. 

Eating nuts can help you meet your needs for protein, which is necessary for building bones, muscles, and skin. Protein also increases feelings of fullness, helping you stay satisfied and energized. In this article, we recommend the most healthful types of nuts to eat based on their protein content and the other nutritional benefits that they offer.

Posted On : 04-January-2021
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How much water should you drink per day?

Our human body is built with 60% water, give or take. Our body constantly discharges water via urine and sweat. To maintain balance and prevent dehydration, our body needs an adequate amount of water. The amount of water an individual should consume within a day has many different opinions. The amount of water consumption depends on individual to individual as per many factors includes internal and external which affect your water need. No, any formula fits everyone.

Posted On : 28-December-2020
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Tuna vs Salmon

Tuna and salmon are two popular seafood choices and among the most commonly consumed fish around the world. Although, we must admit that in some cultures one way of using them overweighs the other due to the unequal distribution (generally in those parts of the world where these fish are abundant, the fresh one is more popular). In spite of their popularity, very few seem to go deeper into some details of those fish. We, although, strongly believe that in order to use them more considerably we should carefully look at some details. So in this article, we would like to compare them profoundly through thorough research.

Posted On : 14-December-2020
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Health Benefits of Calcium Lactate

Calcium is a mineral that is found naturally in foods. Calcium is necessary for many normal functions of your body, especially bone formation and maintenance. Calcium can also bind to other minerals (such as phosphate) and aid in their removal from the body. The calcium lactate is used to prevent and to treat calcium deficiencies.

Posted On : 30-November-2020
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7 benefits of Tomato soup

Tomatoes are a fan-favorite of, well, basically everyone. Tomatoes alone account for almost 20 percent of all vegetable consumption, according to a 2016 Nutrition Today report. Maybe it's not that surprising when you think about the many ways we eat our tomatoes from pasta sauce to salads to soup.

 As the temperature starts to drop, all of us crave a soulful bowl of soup. Also, since soups are mostly liquid, they are a great way to stay hydrated and full. They give our immune system a boost. Soups can help you stay away from cold and flu and most of them are loaded with disease-fighting nutrients.

Posted On : 25-November-2020
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Collagen Vs Gelatin

When it comes to collagen and gelatin, there’s a lot of misconceptions that surround both of them.  Collagen peptides and gelatin are both proteins derived from the collagen protein molecule found in the connective tissues of animals and both have similar nutritional properties. Because of the difference in processing, however, gelatin and collagen peptides have different culinary and nutritional applications.

Posted On : 03-November-2020
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6 food which makes your brain healthy

The brain is an energy-intensive organ, using around 20 percent of the body’s calories, so it needs plenty of good fuel to maintain concentration throughout the day. Nutritionists emphasize that the most important strategy to maintain a healthy brain is to follow a healthy dietary pattern that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Whether you want to optimize your nutrition during exam season or stay sharp in your next work meeting, paying attention to your diet can really pay off.

Posted On : 28-October-2020
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5 Principles to achieve optimal mental health

Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their life, and there are many misconceptions associated with it as well. Many people believe that mental health is predetermined — that you are essentially at the mercy of your genetics and brain chemistry. Other people believe that it’s simply a matter of will power — this is exemplified by the “just think positive” mentality. But the truth is in the messy middle, Mental health is not a matter of fate or a single decision—it’s mostly a matter of habits.

Posted On : 16-October-2020
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7 benefits of fasting

Fasting has become increasingly popular over the years, especially among the health community. Whilst most health practitioners are afraid to recommend eating less due to the stigma involved, it still doesn’t alleviate the incredible benefits of fasting when used sensibly. 

Posted On : 07-October-2020
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Importance of Diet for Mental Health

Many of us are well aware of the benefits that eating a balanced diet has on our physical health, but do you know how it benefits our mental health? More and more research is coming to light on the impact food has on both our overall mental wellness, as well as specific mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Posted On : 23-September-2020
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6 acidic food items that you should avoid

Are your food choices helping your body achieve a perfect balance that keeps you feeling healthy and energized?

Chances are, if you’re like most of us eating a modern diet, the balance in your food choices – between acid and alkaline foods – has flipped to just the opposite of what your body needs.

Posted On : 14-September-2020
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Keto Diet and Depression

It's hard to ignore the keto diet. You see it in the news when celebrities are promoting it, decrying it, or otherwise duking it out over science. You might hear about it from friends who've lost weight by adopting the diet and are now full-fledged keto converts. Or you may know somebody with epilepsy who is used to the diet to reduce seizures, as epilepsy patients have since the 1920s.

Posted On : 07-September-2020
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6 food that fights hair loss

If you’ve noticed your hair is thinning lately or it’s just not as full and lustrous as it once was, it turns out your diet may be the reason. While it may seem like the right shampoo, hair mask, or haircut holds the key to the mane of your dreams, what you eat on a daily basis plays an important role. Lifestyle also comes into play. Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to increased hair loss by weakening hair shafts that cause breakage and slow re-growth of new hairs. This can potentially be reversed with the right diet.

Posted On : 30-August-2020
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Importance of plants in home decor

You don’t have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But dig a little deeper beneath their beauty and you’ll discover that the benefits of interior landscaping go far beyond the aesthetic. Many research tells us that interior plants are good for people in a variety of subtle ways. 

Posted On : 24-August-2020
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Meditation for insomnia and better sleep

Sleep is as critical to our wellbeing as food, water, or shelter. Yet, as a society, we don’t always treat it this way. Some people feel pride in their ability to function well without sleep. We can see this reflected in phrases like “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” or “You snooze, you lose.” But to go through your day in an optimum way, you need proper sleep of at least 7 hours. Sleep acts as daily nourishment that your body needs to perform to it’s the best capability and allows you to go through your day effectively.

Posted On : 16-August-2020
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Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Everyone feels anxious now and then its a part of the body's natural reaction to stress, it can be helpful at times, making you more alert and ready for action. But Anxiety disorders and normal feelings of anxiousness are two different things. Many of us get anxious when faced with particular situations we find stressful, but if those feelings don’t subside, the anxiety could be more chronic. When feelings of fear or nervousness become excessive, difficult to control or interfere with daily life, an anxiety disorder may be present.

Posted On : 11-August-2020
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Fiber: A Fighter against Diabetes and Hypertension

In the past years, new strategies to control diabetes and blood pressure levels are emerging by developing new bioactive components of foods. Fiber has been linked to the prevention of several cardiovascular diseases and disorders. High fiber food such as Oats grains was initially linked with controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. Several studies have shown afterward that dietary fiber may also improve insulin resistance, and weight loss.

Posted On : 04-August-2020
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Bouncing back after a migraine: Tips to get back on track

Migraine is a primary headache disorder which is caused by a mixture of environmental and genetic factors. The symptoms associated with it include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, sound and smell. Migraine affects slightly more boys than girls before puberty and two to three times more women than men.

Let’s take a moment to learn how you can manage your symptoms and get back to your regular routine.

Posted On : 27-July-2020
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8 mistakes to avoid on a vegan diet

Anywhere from six to eight million adults in the United States don't eat meat, fish, or poultry, according to a Harris Interactive Poll. On top of that, there are several million more who eschew red meat but still eat chicken or fish. The reason for this pivotal switch in food preference is the benefits that a vegan diet offers (weight loss, better blood sugar control, a decreased risk of heart disease, and certain types of cancer).


Posted On : 25-July-2020
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Vitamin B12: Foods for Vegetarians

Introduction:- It is found through various studies that not having vitamin B-12 in your diet could adversely affect your health.  There are many sources of B12 such as dairy products, meat , eggs etc. If we talk about non-vegetarians, they have access to all those foods that are rich in B-12. But, vegetarians lack access to all the food products that possess Vitamin B12.

Posted On : 20-July-2020
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List of foods for a vegan diet

For a better knowledge of vegan foods, either one is a vegan beginner or a long term experienced plant-based eater. This vegan foods list will surely help you. A vegan food list should cover all the vegan foods and items which vary every week to week base. The best way to plop a weekly grocery list altogether, you should have a meal plan for the week because usually, the vegan food list is an extended weekly grocery list. 

Posted On : 18-July-2020
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12 ways to calm your anxiety

Going for a job interview? Feeling nervous? Are you getting cold shivers, feeling stressed out, or having a panic attack?
All these are normal body reactions to such new situations where you cannot comprehend well in advance how things will eventually end. "Anxiety" is also nothing but sort of this behaviour to putting your feet in the unknown waters. It is a constant fear one feel whenever something happens, which he/she wasn't expecting.

Posted On : 10-July-2020
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Health benefits of living caffeine-free

A large number of people take caffeine every day in many forms. This can lead to a lot of side effects on our body. Ranging from irritation and anxiety to severe heart conditions, caffeine can directly hit our mental as well as physical health. Excess caffeine also makes our bones weak. 

Posted On : 06-July-2020
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Does eating a low fat diet prevent diabetes?

A ’low fat’ diet is already a familiar term if you want a healthy and balanced life. Everyone now knows why one should control their carbs and fat intake and focus much more on a low-fat lifestyle. 

Here we are going to target a specific group of people ’diabetes patients.’ We will discuss the pros and cons of a low-fat diet for diabetes people, and can it prevent diabetes? 

Posted On : 01-July-2020
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Minimize your Daily Sugar Intake

Lately, there have been a lot of speculations concerning daily sugar intake and it’s adverse effects. Researchers have conducted various researches to even find the increasing risk of cancer by high sugar intake. Yes, sugar is a vital component of our daily diet, which helps in the breaking of carbs to form glucose. Despite this, consuming excess sugar in our body is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. A high sugar diet could worsen up your immune system and leave you with chromium deficiency. Individual researchers even suggest that high sugar consumption will result in causing inflammation in the brain, resulting in short term memory difficulties. 

Posted On : 13-June-2020
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Get your Hair Treated with 100% Natural Ingredients

As our hair needs special care to look great, there is no better option than to use natural ingredients from your kitchen to cure the damaged hair.
There are very few ingredients that are actually best for your hair. We at Craffi personal care brings you nine natural ingredients to treat and make your hair shine. 

Posted On : 07-June-2020
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Is Skipping Breakfast Bad for You? The Surprising Truth!

There is no doubt in agreeing with the fact that it is the most important meal of the day. If you skip breakfast, there is no way you can maintain your body and keep it healthy. Why? Because no matter what you do afterwards, your body will not show the desired results. 

Breakfast means to break the fast when you wake up from your sleep that can be 10-12 hours of gap between your last meal and the time you wake up. So not eating after this considerable time gap lowers your energy levels; no nutrients are absorbed on an empty stomach and whatnot. So your body, in reaction to this, feels low, tired, and that leads to your mood and lifestyle. 

Posted On : 26-May-2020
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How the pandemic is motivating us to stay healthy

When any disease spreads worldwide, it is named as pandemic. While COVID-19 has been spreading like a fire, huge masses have been effected and hence people need protection at a large scale. It is one of the biggest challenges that we are facing at the present moment. Social and economic are not the only crisis we are facing, health and wellness is also a matter of concern for a major portion of people. 

Posted On : 23-May-2020
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Here’s How to Clean Your Groceries During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Well, the whole world is facing COVID-19 issue and it has already killed a large number of people and still a lare proportion of human beings are contaminated with the disease. During this worst situation it is the duty of every human being to follow some health guidelines that are mentioned by the WHO (World Health Organization) for the people. We also need to follow the rules that are given by the government for the respective countries. We all know that coronavirus is a respiratory illness which is transferred from one human to another while shaking hands or exchanging any goods or even food items.

Posted On : 18-May-2020
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Fruits for diabetes: which are the best choices

When the blood sugar of your body is high, then it leads to a disease called diabetes. When the body is not properly able to make or use insulin, then it leads to diabetes. Now, if you are a diabetic person, then you are suggested to eat the type of food that is good for your health and body as less care can lead to severe problems. So, here we are providing the names of fruits that are best in diabetes.

For selecting a specific food, you can also use the glycemic index (GI). GI index is the rating in one to hundred for different foods. Low GI foods and fruits are best for a diabetic person. 

Posted On : 11-May-2020
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How to Have Flawless Skin in your 40s, 50s and 60s.

Skin is often a significant determinant of age. That's why it is essential to have good skin regardless of the
generation that you are. Here are a few solutions you could consider adding to your daily routine that is
bound to work wonders for your skin regardless of age.

Posted On : 06-May-2020
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Foods that can stop acne

Acne is the problem with every individual now and then. And especially if you are a teenager then this problem is even severe. Because at that time due to hormonal changes one tends to get pimples. Also, the main reason behind the production of acne is unhealthy eating habits or not keeping your stomach happy. Yes, there are many medications available in the market with which you can treat this problem of acne. But, it lasts for very less time. Also, the process of getting medication has got side effects. Hence, in order to deal with the problem of acne there is yet another way. This way is to treat the problem of acne by having a healthy diet.

Posted On : 02-May-2020
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Can Vitamin C Protect you from COVID- 19 ?

Coronavirus is a primary reason for concern in recent days. It is considered to be a highly contagious virus whose origin is still a mystery. This virus affects the respiratory system, and people with any kind of respiratory problems are more prone to this disease. This virus should be treated as any other flu. Covid-19 isn’t a dangerous illness as compared to Ebola. But, the unavailability of cure is what makes it a difficult virus. It is all a game of immunity. Anyone with a good immunity tends to recover from this without the need for any special treatment. While the cure is yet to be found, scientists and researchers believe that social distancing and proper hygiene is the only way to prevent this virus.

In addition to this, scientists and researchers are looking into the possibility of using high levels of vitamin C to prevent the virus. As of now, Vitamin C can be used more as a precautionary measure than as a cure. It cures cold and cold-related symptoms faster than Covid19. 

Posted On : 28-April-2020
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For longer life and happier gut, eat more fibre

Are you looking for a healthier and balanced life? Obviously, each one of us wishes for the same, so why wait to put a step forward? Many of you might be sacrificing with your taste buds in order to include a healthier diet in your routine. But that's not true as the food items with high fibre content not only add a good number of days to your liffe but are tasty as well. There are many vegetables and fruits available in the market; eating them can substantially increase the fibre content in the body and can also helps in fighting with various diseases. 

Posted On : 24-April-2020
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Lactose Intolerance- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In the whole world, about 75% of the population suffers from lactose intolerance disorder. It is the most common disorder in people. Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder in which the person cannot digest lactose or milk products. People suffering from the disease cannot make the required amount of enzyme lactose in their body to digest carbohydrates present in dairy products.  

Posted On : 19-April-2020
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Best and worst food for digestion

A good digestive system is essential for a healthy body. As we eat the food, our digestive system plays a significant role in breaking the food into small pieces and then absorbing the nutrients. Many people have a healthy digestive system, but this is not the same for everyone. 

Some people feel a lot of digestive problems like Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), constipation, gas and many more. The type of food you eat also plays a significant role in maintaining your digestive health. Thus, here we are with a list of food items that are good as well as bad for your digestive system. 
Read on to know more. 

Posted On : 15-April-2020
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8 ways to get protein at breakfast

A Morning diet full of proteins is probably what you need to keep yourself healthy! While lunch and dinner comes with huge variety and thus more chances of consuming proteins and nutrients, inculcating the same in breakfast can be a struggle at times.
Bagels, cereal and smoothies don’t always pack a big protein punch. Not to mention if you miss your morning meals, you are not getting any protein at all.

Posted On : 05-April-2020
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4 Ways to Boost Your Coffee with Vitamins and Antioxidants

A special Vitamin coffee is all you need to start your day. Benefits are plenty- from cheering your mood, protecting heart to enhancing sex life, coffee can be a useful drink in one’s life.

We bring you six different types of coffee for not just a tasteful drive but also to relieve your muscle pains and help heal heart problems. 


Posted On : 31-March-2020
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7 surprising health benefits of clove

Clove - a wooden, red-brown coloured spice is a popular element among many Indian cuisines. Clove is generally strong in taste and smell which is why it comes with the caution of utilising the same in considerable quantity.
This special spice holds a lot of health benefits and advantages that other spices lack. One of the essential kitchen ingredients, clove not just makes your desserts drool-worthy but also helps promote oral hygiene.

Posted On : 28-March-2020
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7 healthy ways to boost your immune system

The immune system acts like a heavy-duty shield saving our bodies from infections and diseases. Most of us usually compromise with our immune system and hardly take any effort to boost it. This explains why the global pandemic Covid19 is wreaking havoc. Hence, to prepare the body against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, let's take care of our immune system. Have a look at some tips to protect our body from unwanted ailments and stay healthy.

Posted On : 23-March-2020
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The Ketogenic Diet: A Detailed Beginners Guide to Keto

A Keto diet is a great diet plan for weight watchers. If you want to reduce your excess weight, a Keto diet is what you should consider incorporating in your daily dietary regime.

Well, for beginners, a Keto diet may all but sound a difficult puzzle to solve. But you need not worry, just read along with this article, and we will try and cover some basics on the Keto diet plan.

A keto diet is a high-fat diet that induces a state known as Ketosis in the body. Ketosis helps the body lose weight. It also helps lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Posted On : 20-March-2020
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Hand washing: 8 steps to kill the germs on your hands

Keeping your hands clean and washing it is one of the essential requirements to live a healthy life. There are several bacteria and viruses all around us. When we perform various day to day activities, we are more prone to get these bacteria and viruses, which can make us sick or can lead to severe diseases. So maintaining proper hygiene is very necessary nowadays.

Posted On : 12-March-2020
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Topic -9 Essential Oils for Back Pain and How to Use Them

According to recent estimates, a majority of people suffer several back pain-related symptoms, and this is why we decided to compile this list to help this vast majority in dealing with this openly diverse issue.

Posted On : 07-March-2020
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7 Foods to reduce your cholesterol quickly

Cholesterol is a fat naturally produced by the body. Our bodies need cholesterol in small quantities for life sustenance. But more significant levels of cholesterol can assimilate within the arteries of our body and choke them, causing restrictions to healthy blood flow. Such blocked blood flow can lead to heart attacks and even death in the worst of cases.
Due to its ill effects on resistance-free blood flow, Cholestrol accumulation should not be avoided by us. We should periodically check our lipid profiles to get a measure of the cholesterol level present in our bodies.

Posted On : 02-March-2020
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9 foods that are good for Spinal health

After a successful spinal cord injury, one needs to take care of the right food intake to help prevent damage and promote growth.
For muscles to repair, we need to feed them with healthy and specific food items. There are certain spine friendly food options, which not only helps relieve back pain but also nourishes bones, muscles & other structure in the spine.

Posted On : 28-February-2020
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Things You Should Never Do Right After Eating & Drinking

You're after meal habits play a crucial role in living a healthy & balanced life.
According to Indian scriptures, eating is a form of prayer. It is considered what we eat and how we eat is often reflected in our mind and body. Some after meal practices like drinking water, taking a shower or smoking can definitely ruin your digestive system and are a big no for one and all.

Posted On : 25-February-2020
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10 Surprising Benefits of Curry powder

The humble Curry powder is an age-old blend of spices that have been in use from ages in the Indian kitchen. The mixture, however, varies from household to household but can be a mixture containing any of the items from turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper, dried chillies, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, peppercorns, nutmeg and bay leaves. It also has lots of medicinal and healing properties. We list down ten of the most important and surprising facts about curry powder as below:

Posted On : 22-February-2020
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10 Food Items that lift your mood

A healthy food diet these days do not only help you attain a slim waistline but also boosts your mood. With proper nutritional planning and guidance, you can prevent depression, anxiety and other mental blocks.
A diet with fresh and juicy fruits, sufficient vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, and food grains is usually rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And while you add them to your diet, you should avoid packed and processed food. 

Let's look at the ten nutrient options that you can instantly start fusing in your meal.

Posted On : 17-February-2020
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13 complete protein sources for vegetarians and vegans

There are several ways to get enough protein on a purely vegetarian diet. Protein sources that contain
several amounts of all required essential amino acids. Still, provided that all of the plant foods contain
varying amounts of amino acids. You can indeed manage to get enough of each essential amino acid
throughout the day by eating a varied diet. For example, grains like rice is too low in lysine to be
considered a complete source of protein. Yet, by q eating lentils or beans, which are higher in lysine,
throughout the day, you can be sure to obtain all essential amino acids.

Posted On : 17-February-2020
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6 Effective Ways To Help You Lose Belly Fat

It is both familiar and crucial for one to want to have less belly weight as this does not only contribute to your overall appearance but also helps boost your health and lifespan too.

The loss of belly fat helps reduce the chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Here are six easy ways that could help you losing that excess belly fat.

Posted On : 09-February-2020
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Eat More Plants, Less Meat for a hearty & healthy lifestyle.

There are lots of people who are looking to reduce their chances of getting cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

But the funny thing is that most of these such diseases are mainly controllable, if not prevented through being watchful of one's diet-related behaviours.

There have been claims over past years that sticking to natural foods can help prevent the chances of falling victim to such diseases.

Whereas this can be partially true, there is not much that is sayable for food such as meat (which is also natural too).

Posted On : 08-February-2020
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How to get rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Growing older can be tough, especially when it comes with tons of wrinkles on your skin and forehead. They are mainly caused due to the use of skin losing products available in the market. There are many home remedies as well through which you can reduce wrinkles or completely get lines off your skin.
Let us dig deeper into the causes of forehead wrinkles and how one can reduce them using natural remedies.

Posted On : 03-February-2020
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Food Items high in Omega 3 and 6

In this blog, read what the functions of omega-3 and omega-6 in the body are, how you consume the fatty acids and why it is problematic that most people consume too little omega 3 today.

Posted On : 31-January-2020
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Pumpkin Seed Oil To Cure Acne!!!

There are several cures surgical and medical to cure various skin conditions in the world today. What most don’t know is that there are also a couple of concoctions that can help reduce if not cure skin problems such as acne. Most of these non-medical formulas have been tested and have been found to be just as effective as anything else or skin lotion that one may attain from the supermarket.

Posted On : 26-January-2020
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Ginger and Lemon for a Good Morning routine.

A Healthy morning ritual can go a long way in building your mind, body and heart. While some like to work out and sweat in the morning, others detox their bodies with natural ingredients from their kitchen itself.
One of the natural and healthy ways to start your morning is by fusing ginger with lemon.
Keep reading the blog to keep yourself rejuvenated with the miracles caused by lemon and ginger. 

Posted On : 25-January-2020
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10 food items that help boost your immune system

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for a healthy diet. Healthy foods also boost our body functioning, helping our organs such as the heart to be more efficient. Sometimes it is assumed that to stay healthy, one must source for some exotic foods, however, in this article, you will discover that some locally available food items actually contain enough vitamins and minerals to keep you as healthy as you need to be.

Posted On : 20-January-2020
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Good Digestion Leads to Good Skin

Let’s take a quick reality check! Do you see any signs of acne on face? Are clouds of bad breath, heavily coated tongue, gas, cloudy urine, nausea, IBS etc surrounding you? Well, if so then it’s time to get up and take action. A glowing beautiful skin can only be achieved if your body is beautiful from inside.

Posted On : 22-December-2019
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Moisturizer Your Way to a Happy Winter

As a golden rule, apply moisturizer after bathing. This ensures skins lost mantle is replaced. Lighter moisturizer works wonderfully during the day and heavier one is more nourishing at night. 

Posted On : 20-December-2019
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De-Coding Essential Oils

Essential oils are packed with goodness. Most of them are antiseptic and antibacterial in nature.

Posted On : 16-December-2019
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Food That Makes Your Gut Smile

Craffi Personal Care presents top five food items for a happy gut: 

Posted On : 14-December-2019
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Top 10 Collagen-Rich Foods

To make sure you’re nourishing your body with ingredients that will keep your skin radiant, hair gorgeous and nails healthy, Craffi presents collagen-rich foods. Read on 

Posted On : 09-December-2019
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Cheat Code for Glowing Skin

Allow Craffi Personal Care to walk you through this day and ensure you look beautiful whilst enjoying your cheat day. Here’s presenting the famously easy cheat code: 

Posted On : 07-December-2019
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Six Fruits that Boost up your Morning

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day must be power-packed. Eating fruits as part of the morning meal jump-starts your metabolism. It helps burn more calories and boosts the immune system.

Posted On : 30-November-2019
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Top five kitchen ingredients that help in reversing anti-aging!!

Young-looking skin is what is desired by all. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, laugh lines, and dark spots are something which no one wants and are the biggest nightmares of any woman.

Posted On : 22-November-2019
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Easy vegan recipes at home!

If you are a beginner as a vegan or going to be vegan, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You will need these handful go-to easy recipes, which you can easily whip up and enjoy for when hunger strikes and without using any non vegan products. 

Posted On : 17-November-2019
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5 trends that influence health and nutrition

Below are some listed trends or the diet modifications which people have been following to improve their dietary habits or lifestyle. These trends embody and empower the followers and improve their lifestyle. These trends create a sustainable behavior for the humans.

Posted On : 15-November-2019
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Amazing benefits of Rice water

Rice water is the suspension or the release of starch obtained by draining boiled rice or by boiling rice until it completely dissolves into the water. Rice water is one of the popular items in the South East Asian countries.

Posted On : 12-November-2019
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Go to healthy vegan grocery list!

If you’re a vegan, this list will help you plan your meals from week to week. And, If you’re a vegan beginner, you need to swear by this list. This list will help you navigate any grocery store.

Posted On : 09-November-2019
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Difference between vegetarians and vegans

For people who don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, the difference might be less for them. Many people also think, there isn’t any difference between the vegans and vegetarians.

Posted On : 05-November-2019
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Best indoor plants for great health

Good health not just depends on diet and exercise. The environment you live in also plays a great role in health. The right houseplant makes a big difference to the mood, stress level, your sleep quality and improves breathing.

Posted On : 02-November-2019
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Pump up the iron

Iron is one of the most important minerals for the human body. It helps in various bodily functions. 

Posted On : 25-October-2019
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What is veganism and what do vegans eat?

Veganism is the practice of cutting the use of animal products, particularly in diet. This philosophy is called veganism and the followers of this diet are called vegans.

Posted On : 23-October-2019
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How to detox your body with food and drinks

Our bodies consume a large number of toxins that are present in their environments like water, air, food, and other drugs. 

Posted On : 19-October-2019
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Soak up the Vitamin D!!

Vitamin D, popularly known as Sunshine vitamin. This vitamin is produced by the body only when exposed to the sun. Food and other nutritional supplements are also ways to gain this Vitamin. As this vitamin is not created by the body, therefore we must take it through diet or direct sunlight.    

Posted On : 11-October-2019
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7 Superfoods for healthy body!!

Superfoods are nutrient-rich food which is considered absolutely healthy for the human body. It is a non-medical term used to promote the health benefits of certain foods.

Posted On : 05-October-2019
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Drinks that make your skin glow!!

Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin? We keep looking for the over the counter chemical infused products, however, the solution lies in our simple kitchen ingredients. A nutritious diet helps in keeping our body beautiful from inside and outside.

Posted On : 28-September-2019
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Men need skincare too

Skincare is important for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Men skincare has gained popularity over the years now.

Posted On : 21-September-2019
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Almond Milk- The best nut milk

Almonds natively belong to the Middle East, India, and North Africa. Almonds have been a staple in many cuisines for over years now.

Posted On : 13-September-2019
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Heal with Lavender!!

Lavender is cultivated for the production of its essential oil. This oil is obtained from the distillation of the flower spikes of the lavender species.

Posted On : 07-September-2019
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How to make facial oil at home?

Facial oils are preferred by all women and is an ultimate step in all skincare routine.

Posted On : 31-August-2019
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Frizz-free hair this monsoon!!

Monsoon is enjoyed by everyone but it also brings a lot of trouble for hair.  Monsoon takes a toll on hair and skin and not using the right product or remedy can be damaging to the hair.

Posted On : 24-August-2019
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All you want to know about Vitamin E!!!

Vitamin E is a Holy Grail vitamin. It is a fat-soluble vitamin. It occurs naturally in eight different forms, including four tocopherols which are alpha, beta, gamma and delta, and four tocotrienols

Posted On : 18-August-2019
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How to remove dark circles at home naturally!!

One of our previous blogs described the reasons for getting dark circles. Now, we have elaborate remedies for you to reduce the dark circles at home:

Posted On : 10-August-2019
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Remove suntan naturally!!

As the summers begin, the skin gets bad, hair gets oily and the body gets sweaty. The major problem is the tanned skin. A wide range of products are available in the market to protect the skin from the skin damage, however, no results are everlasting.

Posted On : 03-August-2019
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All about the Dark Circles!!

Do you know the skin around the eyes is very thin as compared to other parts of the body, and is very delicate? Any changes under the eye skin appear easily on the under eyes.

Posted On : 27-July-2019
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Dealing with hair fall at home

Hair fall is a common problem faced by everyone today. Whoever, you meet is struggling with hair issues.

Posted On : 20-July-2019
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Coffee for no dimple skin!! (DIY coffee scrub to get rid of cellulite)

Cellulite is the dimpled appearance on the skin. It makes skin look lumpy. Cellulite mostly gets developed in women as compared to men. It affects the buttocks, thighs, and backside of the thighs.

Posted On : 14-July-2019
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Make your own bath products

A large percentage of women have started making their own body butter, soaps, shampoos and so on. Every third commercial – be it on a hoarding, on television, online or radio – is on cosmetics. As the advertisements of beauty aids increase, so does the confusion, tinged perhaps with skepticism. Caught up in a crowd at a cosmetic counter, the face packs, shampoos, soaps, body butter try their level best to strike a conversation with you.

Posted On : 22-June-2019
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Easy home remedies to treat the rash at home!!

Itchy, irritable skin can bring your confidence down. Itchy skin or skin rash gets very uncomfortable and irritating.

Posted On : 15-June-2019
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How to take care of nails at home

Healthy nails boost confidence; make an impact on making a great impression. Healthy, strong and neat nails are signs of well-maintained nails. 

Posted On : 10-June-2019
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Brush off the dry skin away!!

Do you feel that your skin gets tight, lacks luster and gets itchy sometimes? If yes, then you may have dry skin. Dry skin is the skin which is not properly hydrated from within. This means that the epidermis isn’t hydrated.

Posted On : 05-June-2019
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Get the Glow!!

Every girl dreams of a clear, flawless, bright and healthy looking skin. If you are healthy from within, it reflects on your skin. There are so many factors that affect the skin like pollution, lack of sleep, excessive smoking, poor diet, and dehydrated skin. In order to get the glowing skin, we need to provide all the essential nutrients to the skin, either through consumption or through homemade remedies.

Posted On : 24-May-2019
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Kitchen your way to oil free skin!!!

We all have one friend who is blessed to have flawless, glowing skin and we wonder how fortunate they’re to have this perfect skin. We need not fret on this, as some are genetically blessed with great skin. 

Posted On : 19-May-2019
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