Craffi-Personal Care is a concept where you can explore and learn about the dynamics of Indian natural care products. The mission of Craffi-Personal Care is to celebrate and preserve the tales of handmade skin and hair products whilst educating the reader on its ingredients and application.

For centuries, Indian skincare products have been made with love employing locally produced materials that are chemical free and knowledge mastered by generations. Browse through the pages of Indian scriptures and you will be greeted by the rich culture of chemical free skincare products. The royalty of India are famed across the globe for their beauty and charisma. The secret to their looks lies hidden in the plant extracts, clay powder and oils they used to look mesmerizing.


Our body absorbs almost 2kg of harsh chemicals every year. The chemical products may have fancy packaging and great shelf life but they contain synthetics and parabens which are harmful for our skin. Natural skincare provides nutrients from organic and plant sourced products, which are free from chemicals and can never damage the skin or hair.

Nature is the remedy for all, so our vision at Craffi-Personal Care, is to make everyone go natural and to create awareness that the Indian natural products have a holistic approach in addressing and treating the skin and hair issues from within than just topical treatments. Natural skincare products improve the elasticity of the skin making it looking younger and vibrant.

At Craffi-Personal Care, our endeavour is to educate you!! As you navigate through CPC, you’ll decode the mystery behind natural care products, you’ll learn about the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they contain, and most significantly how and when to use them.

Craffi-Personal Care will help you in making an informed decision and choosing the right type of natural skincare. We have carefully curated all the information to provide insight into the world of Indian natural skin care for you.

Browsing through Craffi-Personal Care is easy, efficient and educating!!!

Herbal at its best

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Our Mission

Craffi-Personal Care

Today, cosmetics have become one of the most making industry. The rampant use of chemicals in cosmetics have resulted in some of the deadliest diseases. Thus, we present to you natural chemical free products that brings out the gorgeous you!!

At CPC, we brush off such layers of dust and present tales that strike a conversation with the beauty lover in you!!

Craffi-Personal Care focuses on bringing out the hidden stories from beauty kitchens of India and showcase it to the world. At CPC, we offer plethora of information about the skin care and hair care products of India. A wonderful world of chemical free world awaiting you! Come, be charmed by the true beauty and character of Indian handmade products.