How to Preserve Homemade Skin Care Products

When we are using natural skincare and make natural alternatives at home for pampering ourselves, we should be careful about their storage as well. At times it gets difficult to store and increase the shelf life of the homemade products. The wellness products or the skincare products are hard to maintain and store. The homemade skincare products have a short life and get perishable easily. Thus storing them is a great concern.

Homemade products should always be made in smaller batch and a fresh pack or batch should be preferred always. As the conventional products are full of preservatives, therefore they have longer shelf life and can go up to years. These preservatives do increase the shelf life but do excessive damage to body in long run. They are full of chemicals and parabens which lead to fancy fragrances and longer shelf life. Therefore, natural skincare products are easy to make, sustainable and safe for us.

Natural Preservatives for Skin Care

They key to using homemade skincare products at home is by understanding the ingredients and storing them. To preserve the homemade products at home the attention should be given to cleanliness to increase the shelf life. Always try to use clean and sterilized jars or containers. It is best if you use glass jars for storage and keep away from sunlight. Always store them in dry and cool place.

The containers should be completely dry before using them. And try to keep the containers closed tightly in between uses. Even dipping wet fingers into a jar of your oil can contaminate it. Always make sure fingers are clean and dry before scooping out the product or applying it.

Natural Preservatives for Face Masks

One should also you clean ingredients, as in clean fruits, vegetables for the masks or remedies. The water to be used in these remedies should be distilled or boiled. The home made natural remedies should be stored in a way that they don’t get oxidized or fermented. We can also use natural stabilizers like vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, argan oil etc to preserve the integrity of the homemade remedy.

The homemade serums and oils should always be stored in dark amber or cobalt colored bottles. The dark color of the bottle helps to increase the longevity of the product and saves them from deterioration. The homemade lip balms or the body butters should be stored in dry cool place. Also, remember to use clean, sterilize hands and tools before using the homemade products.

It is important to remember that when we make homemade remedies, we are not adding any preservatives thus we cannot expect our handcrafted masks, oils and butters to have long shelf life. It is always advisable to craft homemade remedies in small batches and use the remedy when it’s fresh. Never make product in large quantities, always make what you can use at a single time or make enough which can last a few days and can be stored in the fridge.

You can also label your products to recognize it and differentiate it easily. Always store them for shorter period of time. Always remember to adequately preserve your product from contamination.