Aromatherapy at Home

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant complementary therapies, and these essential oils are natural, concentrated home remedies for many everyday health issues. Try to use them in massage, baths, oil burners and vaporizers, compresses, steam inhalations, and homemade beauty products.

Here we will guide you on how to use aromatherapy at home in few steps.

Do a steam inhalation with essential oils to get relief from cold and flu symptoms. Steam inhalation helps to relieve nasal congestion, sinus infections, sore throats, and coughs. Put antiviral and antibacterial oils such as Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Peppermint or Rosemary to a bowl of hot water, inhale the steam and feel the congestion ease.

Burn essential oils in a diffuser or aromatherapy burner during the flu season to prevent the spreading of the flu virus. Pour a few drops of Tea Tree, Ravensara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon or Lavender into your burner or a diffuser to fight the flu virus naturally.

Make a compress to reduce pain
Make a compress with essential oils to reduce aches and pains. Cold compresses help with headaches and with injuries and swelling, warm compresses help with muscle spasm and muscle aches and pains.

Aromatic bath
An aromatic bath releases tight muscles, relieves muscular pain, prevents and reduces stress and encourages better sleep. The scents of essential oils replenish the room with delightful fragrances, while essential oils enter the skin pores and relax tired muscles.

Use for Women problem
Use essential oils to relieve “women’s problems”: PMS, irregular menstruation and other problems related to hormonal imbalances. Many essential oils have the ability to regulate the production of certain hormones and to balance emotions throughout the cycle.

Make face moisturizer
Make your own face moisturizers with essential oils and carrier oils. Cold-pressed vegetable oils such as sweet almond, jojoba or peach and, apricot kernel oils are nourishing to the skin, and they are free of the chemical preservatives and fragrances that are added to most beauty products. Nut, seed and vegetable oils absorb well and when you add essential oils, you can create hydrating, balancing or soothing face oils for any skin type.

For reducing insect
Use essential oils as natural insect repellents and make your own aromatherapy bug spray: essential oils offer a chemical-free alternative to commercial bug sprays. Lemongrass, Citronella, Lavender, and Eucalyptus oils are all-natural insecticides.

For home fragrance
Clean your home naturally with aromatherapy at home. Essential oils are more than just fragrances in cleaning products, many oils are also use for natural deodorizers and antiseptics. Oils such as Lemon, Pine, Peppermint, and Tea tree help to remove bacteria and give a fresh scent to home cleaning solutions. Natural Cleaning Solutions with Essential Oils has ideas for cleaning your home with essential oils.

Burn candles
Candles can be used to help set the atmosphere and improve the ambiance in many situations. They can be used in any room of your home and give a wonderful enhancement. Using an aromatherapy candle has a positive benefit on our body and emotions. The key is to choose the correct scent to match the emotion or sense you wish to evoke. If you are looking for medicinal benefits you can use a cold-air diffuser.

Add oils in your perfume
Adding essential oils in your perfume base is a lot cheaper than you bought a branded perfume which is full of chemical added. To make an aromatherapy perfume is very simple.

Use oil-steeped compresses
This method is a fast and effective way to speed recovery from muscular pain and strains after a rigorous workout, and treatment for bruises, headaches, insect bites, toothache, spots and more. Compresses can be made by adding 3 – 6 drops of essential oils or blend into one quart of warm water. Stir carefully. Soak a clean cloth in the water, rinse it and apply it to the affected area. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Repeated as needed.

When used in massage these essential oils usually dilute with carrier oils, and then you can apply on the skin. With this, it is absorbed by the skin and penetrates into the tissues of the body, your blood, and the interstitial fluid. Smoothing fragrant oil into tired muscle is the most pleasurable way to relax and unwind. It is absolutely essential that you use only oils that not to use internally.

In these few steps, you will know how to do aromatherapy at home. Actually, it helps with calming your mind and your senses after a long stressful day, and yes, it can be used for meditation too.