Organic Facial Mask Recipe

Skincare in winters is a must and sometimes for immediate results, we choose chemical peels or masks that might cause various side- effects and can also make your pocket loose very easily. Organic ways need some hard work and time but the results are promising.
The important point about using these organic masks is they don’t pose any side effect to one’s skin as it includes natural ingredients that will nurture your skin tone without any side-effects.

But, what are the side effects posed by chemical masks? Then the answer is as follow:

• Redness.
• Skin color alteration.
• Infection.
• Scarring.

Organic mask that provide glowing skin tone

On the contrary organic facial masks are free of side-effects and pocket-friendly too. How to make organic facial mask at home? As there is a variety of organic masks for each particular purpose then you can opt from the list provided below of best organic masks you can use once or twice weekly:

Honey – Milk Face mask

This homemade face mask with honey will help you regain your glowing skin if it is tanned due to UV exposure. The requirement is much easy and noted below:

• Honey
• Milk

• Firstly, you need to take 4 teaspoons of mil and heat till lukewarm.
• Then mix milk with 2 teaspoon honey and your recipe is ready.

How to apply?
• The application is simple, but to be kept in mind it should be used while it is lukewarm.
• With the help of cotton, you can apply it on your face and let your skin absorb it for at least 10 – 20 minutes.
• After then wash it, but for better results wash the mask with lukewarm water then with the help of cold water.

Aloe vera – Turmeric mask

This organic facial mask recipe is easy to prepare and efficient. This mask has a paste-like consistency and provides you clear glowing skin tone. Aloe vera component encounters skin aging, sunburn, acne, and stretch marks too. While the turmeric content helps to counter acne and has anti-inflammatory quality. It also contains milk which acts as a moisturizer.

• Aloe vera Gel
• Turmeric
• Milk cream

• Firstly, take 2 tablespoons of milk cream in a sterile container and then add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and then a pinch of turmeric.
• Then mix the content in the container well till it gets paste-like consistency.

How to apply?
• As it has a paste-like consistency you can use a brush or simply your hands for the application, but keep in mind that your hand is sterilized or washed.
• Let it settle down on your skin for 20 – 30 minutes then after wash with lukewarm water.
• Organic mask to encounter uneven skin tone

Honey – Yogurt mask

This organic facial mask recipe mainly targets in encountering your uneven skin texture and tone. The Honey present in the composition has anti-septic properties so preventing as well as treating you from acne. It has anti-oxidants that slow the aging process of the skin and help it to glow. And the yogurt helps to encounter wrinkles, fine lines, acne, dark circles, skin infection, and sunburn.

• Honey
• Plain yogurt
• Turmeric powder

• Take 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of honey and turmeric powder.
• Mix the content in the bowl thoroughly till paste-like consistency occurs.

How to apply?
• There are two ways here. You can either scrub or use it as a mask.
• If you are using it as a mask then apply it thoroughly on your face and neck.
• Then let it react for about 20 – 30 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Cocoa Mask

This organic facial mask recipe can be tedious as it involves mashing avocados with hand but has great results. The recipe includes avocado which plays an excellent role in hydrating skin and avocado are very important as they contain antioxidants that counter skin aging and honey has antiseptic properties.

• Cocoa powder
• Honey
• Avocado

• Firstly, smash a one-quarter amount of avocado in a container.
• Then add one tablespoon cocoa powder and honey.
• Mash all the ingredients making a uniform paste.

How to apply?
• The application is simple to apply it on your face uniformly with the help of clean hands or brush as comfortable.
• Then allow it to settle for 10 - 20 minutes then wash it off with help of lukewarm water.